Data Logger


A Compact Vehicle Network Data Logging Tool

The Gryphon S4 is a compact, high-end vehicle network development tool with 2 built-in high speed CAN channels, 1 protocol card expansion slot, and digital I/O capability enabling low cost vehicle data logging & network architecture activities.


  • High end analyzer on a proven platform
  • Hardware simulation & software validation
  • Extensive data logging capability
  • Diagnostic and reprogramming capability
  • Includes Gryphon Logger Config Software to Create Configuration Fles
  • Includes Hercules Software for ECU development, data collection/analysis, hardware simulation and testing
  • ECU development
  • Embedded application support
  • Multiple PC based applications interface with the S4 simultaneously
  • Works with Wireshark to automatically know and dissect Gryphon Communication Protocols.
  • Bench testing with vehicle-ready LDF files (LIN Definition Files)– saving time and money from extensive in-vehicle testing
  • Reads LIN LDF and can emulate LIN master and slave nodes from LDF file
Gryphon S4 Datalogger

Protocols Expansion Cards

  • Single Wire CAN (2 Channels)
  • Quad CAN (4 HS Channels)
  • GM Quad CAN (1 SW & 3 HS Channels)
  • Dual CAN (2 HS Channels)
  • Dual LIN (2 Channels)
  • J1708 (2 Channels) 
  • I/O Card

Key Features


  • 2 Built-In HS CAN Channels
  • Protocol Card Expansion Slot
  • Data Logging & Network Gateway
  • On-board Digital I/O
  • Linux Operating System
  • Wi-Fi Enabled
  • Built-in Web Server
  • Standardized access to on-board CAN channels and I/O (Molex)
  • 100Mbps Ethernet Connection, 2 USB Ports

      PC Software

  • Hercules (Analysis Software)
  • Gryphon Logger Config (Data Logger Software)
  • J2534 & RP1210 API Compatible
  • Compatible with Busmaster, Matlab, LabView and more