DLM and DLM2 are now Discontinued

Data Link Monitor (DLM) has been discontinued and is no longer supported.  DG Technologies will no longer be offering Technical or Sales Support.  You are now welcome to use your DLM software for free.  DLM is considered as-is and DG disclaims all warranties either express or implied, including any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. DG makes no warranty or guaranty as to the performance of any DLM product still in use.  Customers may be able to use DLM on operating systems up to Microsoft Windows 7 64-bit however no testing or support is available.

DG Technologies (DG) has discontinued the development and support of the DLM software program.   There is no longer any support for the DLM Program.  Please contact DG Tech Sales (Tel. 248-888-2000 / Website: https://www.dgtech.com/) for information on new devices or software that may be used for your applications.

Please be advised if you continue to use the DLM Software: Since the DLM is no longer supported, be careful when performing the following steps. Any damage caused by the user cannot be fixed, so please, proceed at your own risk!

 Alternative Products from DG

If you cannot get the DLM product to work, or you are looking for more advanced functionality, DG recommends our full-featured and supported software application called Hercules. This software is available for all of our Beacon, Lodestar, Gryphon and S3/S4 line of hardware products.

Software available for our DPA, VSI and d-briDGe family of products that offers you diagnostic functionality is called DG Diagnostics.

For more information on these products, contact the DG Technologies Sales Department at 248-888-2000 or visit our website at www.dgtech.com.  To download software to support your current DG Technologies products, please visit our download site https://www.dgtech.com/downloads/

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