: Linux kernel modifications

This release runs a modified version of the Linux 2.6.13 kernel with Xenomai 2.0.1 realtime extensions and various Dearborn Group hardware specific modifications.

The patches linked below have been prepared by Dearborn Group exclusively for use with the indicated Dearborn Group products. No claims are made regarding suitability of these patches for any other purpose.

Dearborn Group hardware specific patches to the Linux kernel
- patch for SC400-based products (, S-CAT)
- patch for SC520-based products (VNG, S-CAT2, S-CAT3)

Xenomai realtime extension kernel patch
adeos-linux-2.6.13-i386-r13.patchProvided in the Xenomai 2.0.1 source distribution

Linux kernel .config files
Linux- file for SC400 kernel build
Linux- file for SC520 kernel build

Patch to Xenomai 2.0.1 for use with hardware
xenomai-2.0.1-PITch1.patchChanges the main timer to 8254 PIT channel 1, keeping channel 2 free for onboard speaker use.