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    1. The DPA 5 PRO offers the latest technology to communicate with all trucks on the road today. The DPA 5 is no longer available for purchase. For more detailed information, give us a call at (248) 888-2000 and ask for sales. Thank you!

  1. Can this tool programme interchangeable control units and new units can it install the latest software for all vehicles can it reset and reprogrammed ecu’s and other control units

    1. David, thank you for reaching out. Our tools are the most advanced in the market today. They are tested and communicate with more vehicles than any other tool. These diagnostic and reprogramming interface adapters that we offer will carry industry standard messages between OEM software and the vehicle for your reprogramming needs. The only limitations you will find are based on what the vehicle manufacturers allow you to do. To find out more about the software capabilities try starting at this page as a great reference starting point, https://www.dgtech.com/oem-service-websites/ or give us a call at 1-248-888-2000 and ask for sales.

    1. These capabilities are actually quite complicated and complex from an embedded software and network message communication strategy view. We do offer a free diagnostic software application with our DPA 5 PRO kits that is called DG Diagnostics. This software will read and clear many diagnostic trouble codes but there are also many proprietary actions that you will probably want to do while servicing the brands of trucks that you listed. We recommend that you use the genuine manufacturer diagnostic software.

      Maybe it would also be helpful if we have a local distributor for you to communicate with, you can check by looking at our list here, https://www.dgtech.com/distributors/

    1. There are currently no promotions offered at this current time, however, following DG Technologies on twitter (@DGTechnologies) and Facebook (@vehiclenetworksolutions) will keep you up to date on any future promotions we may offer! In the meantime, we are offering free ground shipping on our webstore.

      Thank you!