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Today’s modern vehicles and equipment contain many electronics and sensors due to advances in the electronics industry and government regulations. These vehicles each contain “vehicle buses,” specialized internal communications networks, based on a set of standards (ie. SAE J1939) that connect electronic control units inside a vehicle, such as the engine, brakes, body and transmission into a central network within the vehicle. The components need to communicate quickly and reliably with other modules in the central network. They do this by using a standard protocol language such as CAN (Controller Area Network) and LIN (Local Interconnect Network). For example, the engine needs to tell the transmission what the engine speed is and the transmission needs to tell other modules when a gear shift occurs.

In order to interpret what the modules in the network are saying, you need a translator device—that’s where DG Technologies comes in! DG’s pass-thru tools can extract and decode the conversations the ECUs are having within the network and those codes and data can then be put into various generic and OEM diagnostic, reprogramming and end-of-line engineering testing software to further utilize and analyze that data.

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DG Technologies is the value leader in vehicle network engineering, diagnostics and reprogramming tools. DG Technologies has successfully brought its technology into many industries including automotive, heavy-duty truck and bus, military, industrial control, robotics, mass transportation, agriculture and construction, among others. Our products and services reach a variety of customers including test, development and production engineers, along with service technicians, locksmiths, vehicle security professionals and others.

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