Our Company


Our Vision

Transforming ideas into products and services in an ever changing vehicle electronic network industry. Always striving for continuous quality improvement, enhanced efficiency and customer service.

Our Mission

DG Technologies specializes in the design and development of intelligent software and hardware interfaces for the in-vehicle and controller area network markets and brings them to the world.

Building on our 30 year history, DG will continue to play a significant role in the growth of in-vehicle and controller area (CAN) networking. We will strive to expand our standardized advanced technology into many industries around the world. DG Technologies will strengthen our reputation among vehicle and equipment manufacturers, including Tier suppliers and end-users to deliver quality products, training, and services worldwide.

Our Customers

Our hardware and software products are used by a variety of customers: test engineers, development engineers, production engineers, and service technicians, locksmiths, vehicle security professionals among others. Our customers use DG interfaces to manipulate messages over various multiplex networks. We also provide custom, end-of-line testing equipment for electronic modules with network interfaces. Our products are currently utilized in the automotive, heavy-duty truck and bus, military, industrial control, robotics, mass transportation, agriculture, and construction industries. Each year, hundreds of engineers and technicians attend our training seminars to expand their understanding of multiplexed networks and their applications.