Saint 2 Kit


Saint 2 Kit


DG Technologies and Delphi teamed to bring you the powerful Saint2. Designed by: Delphi Automotive Systems – Electronics & Safety – Kokomo, Indiana Built by: DG Technologies – Farmington Hills, Michigan

The Systems Analysis INterface Tool2, or SAINT2 is a powerful device that uses a high-performance Infineon micro-controller with extensive on-board memory capacity.

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SAINT 2’s robust design supports most major automotive serial communications busses without additional hardware.
The following are now supported:
• CAN – high speed, single wire, and fault-tolerant
• Class 2
• KW2000
• I2C
• SPI Monitor

The hardware design provides for an add-on daughter board to support additional serial bus interfaces or other hardware capabilities.

The SAINT2 features include:
• Testing interfaces for multiple simultaneous serial busses
• RS-232 and USB interfaces for communication with a host computer

The SAINT2 comes standard with:
• User-configurable DB-25 cable (DB-25 for connection to the SAINT2 at one end, discrete wires at the other)
• SAINT2 host software for your PC, downloadable from the support website
• One year of firmware upgrades

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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 8 × 3 in

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