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Troubleshooting Steps

Troubleshooting Steps:

Please take a moment to read through and perform the following troubleshooting steps to help diagnose your communication issue:

    1. PC light is blinking red/green continuously – firmware needs updated. Go to Start | All Programs | DGTech DPA 5 | DPA 5 Firmware Updater, select the Update Firmware button. Process takes about two minutes. Please do not unplug the USB cable or cable to the truck during this process.
    2. Here are some things to try if your DPA 5, VSI-2534 or DBRIDGE PRO is not connecting to any application. After each step, attempt communication with AVT (Adapter Validation Tool):
      1. Verify the correct adapter is selected in the software application’s adapter selection screen.
      2. Verify vehicle ignition is in the On Position.
      3. Try another USB port.
      4. Try another USB cable.
      5. Unplug cable from vehicle diagnostic port, re-seat connection to the adapter, plug back into vehicle diagnostics port.
      6. With adapter powered from vehicle, USB cable plugged into the computer, open Device Manager. Is the DPA 5, VSI-2534 or DBRIDGE PRO listed under USB Diagnostic Tools (towards the bottom of the list)?
      7. Re-boot computer.
      8. Re-install drivers (unplug USB cable), re-boot computer.

If you need assistance troubleshooting your device and your questions cannot be answered by the troubleshooting steps listed above, the product manuals or the FAQ page or you need an RMA (for unit repair), please contact technical support by filling out our contact form below, call 248.888.2000 / (248) 823-7001 or email


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