Breakout Boxes

Breakout Boxes

Breaking Out Test Signals From Light-Heavy Duty Vehicle Networks

A breakout box is a device that splits an electric multicable line into several compound connectors and is used to support integration testing, expedite maintenance, and streamline the troubleshooting process by simplifying the access to test signals.

DG Technologies has developed a heavy-duty breakout box, an OBDII breakout box, a J1939 breakout box, and various customized breakout boxes, harnesses and cables.
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OBDII Breakout Box

Our OBDII Breakout Box gives you a practical and easy to use in-line breakout box to make an electrical connection to the vehicle On-Board Diagnostic connector (SAE J1962 or OBD connectors) without disturbing the connection between the vehicle and the tool making it possible to execute a test while simultaneously monitoring the testing process.

Using two OBDII interface connectors and standard banana plug connection points for each pin, the OBDII Breakout Box gives you access to all lines in the J1962 cable. This lets you attach multiple tools or equipment that utilize a J1962 OBD connection.



OBDII Breakout Box from DG Technologies
DG Technologies OBDII Breakout Boxes


J1939 Breakout Box

buy-now DG Technologies’ J1939 Breakout Boxes

Heavy-Duty Breakout Box

The HD Breakout Box has DB9/DB15/DB25, male and female, connectors to banana plug receptacle breakout matrix. All pins are wired straight through, interconnected with the other associated DB pins, and are routed to the appropriate banana plug receptacle.







Heavy-Duty Breakout Box from DG Technologies
Heavy-duty Breakout Box from DG Technologies



Customized Breakout Boxes, Harnesses and Cables

DG Technologies can also work with you in designing and manufacturing a customized breakout box, harness or cable to fit your needs; such as the ones featured below:

Harness Big_BOB_Side Custom_Cable