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DG Technologies is the leader in vehicle network systems. With 30 years of Specializing in engineering of in-vehicle and controller area (CAN) networking. DG was the first company to introduce vehicle networking in the automotive industry with a variety of sought-out tools and expertise; delivering quality products, training, and services worldwide.

Staying at the forefront of the ever evolving and changing automotive industry, Our goal is to provide the most current secure products and keep you informed of developing industry protocols to fight against cyber attacks. Providing hardware and software used for automotive engineering development and testing equipment.  DG has engineered and manufactured diagnostic and reprogramming tools for heavy-duty truck and bus, automotive, agriculture, construction, industry control, and are used by the U.S. Military.

DG has a strong relationship with SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) and TMC (Technology & Maintenance Council) serving in creating many new industry standards and protocols, including Cybersecurity in vehicle systems. DG is a provider of training seminars for Cybersecurity, Ethernet testing, FlexRay, as well as CAN and LIN networks, keeping the industry informed and on the leading edge of new vehicle network technologies.

Helpful Resources

Click on the links below for more Information on Cybersecurity.

  • J3061-1 Automotive Cybersecurity Integrity Levels
    • Develops an objective cybersecurity classification scheme
  • J3061-2 Security Testing Methods
    • Provides a detailed breakdown of currently available software and hardware security testing methods.
  • J3061-3 Security Testing Tools
    • This document serves as an agnostic list of manufacturers of security related tools and their capabilities.
  • J3101 Requirements for Hardware-Protected Security for Ground Vehicle Applications
    • Defines a common set of requirements for security to be implemented in hardware for ground vehicles to facilitate security enhanced applications and hardware protection for ground vehicle applications