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DPA Mobile Diagnostics: How It Works


DPA MD is now available on the Google Play Store! Get it here:

Once connected to a DG Technologies device, users will be able to look at a wide range of data, including:

– Vehicle Info, such as the VIN, odometer and engine hours.

– Fault Codes, including all J1939 published CAN data, Engine, Transmission, and ABS, allowing you to view and clear each one.

– Vehicle Data, such as fuel usage, engine hours, fuel economy and live data.

– Reports, allowing the user to email or print the data from their DPA device in an organized format.

What is DPA MD and Who is it For?


DPA Mobile Diagnostics (DPA MD) is DG Technologies’ heavy-duty diagnostic mobile app to read and clear fault codes, view live data, send reports and more, from your bluetooth-connected Dearborn Protocol Adapter (DPA) device. Optimized for the best user experience with the ALL NEW DPA XL. Fleet & truck maintenance has never been simpler with DPA MD.

To purchase your DPA XL, visit and receive free ground shipping when you order!


DPA MD is used by fleet managers, technicians, and service writers using their trusted, secure new DPA XL, or previous edition, from DG Technologies.

Get the app here: or on your mobile device by searching “DPA MD”.


DPA Mobile Diagnostics, Available on the Google Play Store!

DG Technologies announces the launch of our new DPA Mobile Diagnostics app for Android! The perfect heavy-duty truck app for Technicians, Service Writers and Fleet Managers. Read/clear fault codes, view live data, send reports, and more from your Bluetooth connected DPA XL. Available Now!

To download, search for DPA Mobile Diagnostics in the Google Play Store, or click here:


DPA XL & VSI NxGen: Announcing NEW Updates, Available Now on DG Technologies Website

DPA XL and VSI NxGen users can now download the latest software updates (version 3.02 for each) from the downloads page on the DG Technologies website. Changes for the DPA XL include firmware updates, LED light enhancements, ELM mobile app support and raw CAN message additions, among other maintenance and bug fixes. Revisions to the VSI NxGen include firmware updates, protocol support additions, raw CAN message updates, and Diag-H support, among others.

DG Technologies continues to support all of our products. To be the first to know of any changes or updates to your tools, please make sure you’re following DG Technologies on social media:

Twitter: @DGTechnologies
Facebook: @vehiclenetworksolutions
Instagram: @dg_technologies


In addition, keep an eye on our news page for further information and more company updates, news and announcements straight from DG Technologies.


DG Technologies reminds you to avoid counterfeits

DG Technologies reminds you to avoid counterfeits. Trust only authorized distributors (, or purchase directly from our webstore at
Here are a few signs you may be looking at a counterfeit listing:
– Our current tool is the DPA XL, we no longer produce any older generation.
– Slightly different color shades; a different shade of blue, an off colored outline on the front label, or slightly altered fonts.
– 60% or more off of the listed DG price, usually in the $180-$395 range.
– Listed on an unfamiliar or odd URL or seller account.
– Product photo shows dozens of cables that are ‘included’.
– Typically listed in paid-for advertisements at the very top of Google searches.
There are many risks to purchasing a counterfeit product, including loading software that contains malware and other viruses, not to mention the tool will not work properly, if at all. We urge you to give us a call at (248) 888-2000 if you are unsure, and again remind you to purchase from one of our listed distributors or directly at our webstore. Don’t waste your money, avoid counterfeits.

DG Technologies at MDEX 2022 April 20-21st!

Visit DG Technologies in booth C-7 at the Macomb Community College Sports & Expo Center in Macomb, MI, for MDEX 2022!

Our team will be there from April 20th through 21st, so make sure you come chat with our experts, learn about our new Cybersecure products, and see what DG Technologies can offer you in 2022!

DG Technologies looks forward to speaking with all of you and we hope to see you there!

Introducing the NEW DPA XL!



The ALL-NEW DPA XL is DG Technologies newest, TMC RP1210 compliant Dearborn Protocol Adapter (DPA) with current and future technologies built-in for years of shop services. It is the leading tool of choice for Diagnostics and Reprogramming of Heavy-Duty, Medium-Duty and some Light-Duty vehicles and covers over-the-road, bus, construction, agricultural, military, industrial stationary equipment and fleet vehicle segments!


New features with the DPA XL are:

  • Built and designed with the most up-to-date components and technologies for expanding product service offerings
  • SAE J2534, 05.00 API Support
  • CAN FD (2 channels) capable (future)
  • FT CAN (1 channel) capable (future)
  • RP1227 capable for Mobile Apps
  • Embedded Hardware Security Module (HSM) For Cloning Protection


Click HERE for more information and click here to BUY NOW for special introductory pricing!