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The Basics to Protecting Your Data

DG Technologies Cybersecurity: The Basics to Protecting Your Data

With DG Technologies having a major presence in various Cybersecurity events, teaching courses and implementing Cyber protection in all of our business and products, it is important to us to relay our message to our customers to secure technology in the transportation industry.

First, lets talk about Business Email Compromise, or BEC. Business Email Compromise is a rising phishing trend that relies on people’s helpfulness. Fraudsters use this type of phishing attack to impersonate an executive to con an employee into sending wire transfers to a fraudulent account. When successful, BEC attacks have a dramatic financial impact, accounting for approximately $1.8 billion in adjusted losses in 2020.

Hackers can even mimic login pages for business platforms users are familiar with such as Microsoft Office. These are used to steal credentials from links sent to recipients via email, prompting the user to log into their account, in turn stealing sensitive information. Now that the information is input into their mimic login page, scammers now have access to that users’ account.

Scams such as this caused 90% of data breaches in 2020. Employees are falling for phishing scams at an alarming rate. Therefore, it is important to educate employees on the risks of these emails, how to spot them and to pay attention to the emails they are receiving. Cybercriminals have ramped up their efforts due to their success in these attempts, and will only continue to do so as long as their tricks are effective.

Think before you click

Phishing attempts are avoidable, though it may be easier said than done. Step one in helping your business avoid phishing attempts is to make sure employees recognize them as soon as possible. Phishing emails encourage and trick users to click links, open attachments and take action on items. They can be very convincing and look almost identical to the site or page they are mimicking. According to Cisco’s 2021 cybersecurity report, at least one person clicked a phishing link in approximately 86% of organizations surveyed.

Below are a few ways to help identify an email attack in disguise:

  • You aren’t expecting the email or don’t recognize the sender. Never click any links or open attachments from suspicious emails.
  • The hyperlink directs to a different website. Hover your mouse over a URL without clicking it to display the actual link at the bottom of your browser window. If the link is different from what you expect, don’t click it.
  • The email is unexpected but includes company branding. Don’t assume emails with the correct company logo or colors are legitimate. Cybercriminals often use professional “phishing kits” to match the logo, website, and email formats of organizations.
  • The email contains typos and grammatical errors. Cybercriminals often have errors in their phishing attacks found in the subject line, email address, email body, or URLs.
  • The email demands you send personal or confidential information, such as account numbers, login credentials, or passwords. Financial institutions and government agencies will never email you to request this type of personal information.
  • The email includes urgent messages or threats. Cybercriminals count on recipients to act without thinking and include wording such as, “We suspended your account due to unusual activity. Click here now to verify your name and date of birth!”
  • The “sender” is an executive demanding money via wire transfer or gift card. Don’t act rashly when you see urgent emails from executives within your company.

Your first line of defense: Your Employees

Make sure you are educating employees and on the signs of a phishing email attempt. Cybercriminals are targeting employees all over the world , having educated employees can significantly reduce the risk of a potential attacks.

  • Create a robust security awareness program. Preventing fraud begins with training your employees. Your cybersecurity protocols are only as strong as your weakest employee when it comes to cybersecurity know-how. Continuously train employees on the newest methods of cyberattacks and preventative measures.
  • Add an external email banner. This is a banner that appears at the top of emails when the sender is from outside your organization. Using an external email banner draws attention to the fact that the message isn’t from someone within the company, which can help your employees be more vigilant to potential phishing attempts.
  • Empower employees to verify vendor requests. Fraudsters watch traffic between companies to identify the vendors they use, then pose as those vendors to request changes to an existing account or divert funds to new account. Employees should be trained to contact vendors using other established communication channels to verify any unexpected or suspicious request.
  • Put a reporting process in place. Develop a process for employees to report suspicious emails to your cybersecurity team. Remind employees that reporting these emails can help to protect them, their fellow colleagues, and the entire organization from fraud.

Cybersecurity is an ever-growing concern especially in the transportation industry and it cannot be understated the importance of keeping employees and customers informed to prevent as many attacks as possible.

We hope this article can shed some light on the threats we see today and encourage all to follow DG Technologies for more information on Cybersecurity, and how to keep your company safe from online threats.

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Mark Zachos inducted to the Class of 2022 SAE Fellows!

The SAE Fellow Membership designation is awarded to an elite group of professionals in the automotive, commercial vehicle, and aerospace industries who have made a significant impact on mobility through leadership, research, publishing, innovation, and volunteering. (via SAE)

Congratulations to DG Technologies President & Former SAE Detroit Section Chair Mark Zachos, on being inducted to the 2022 Class of SAE Fellows! DG continues to participate in industry organizations such as SAE, TMC and others, providing training and consulting in Cybersecurity!

Updating your DPA XL

Your DPA XL tool is designed to Protect Your Uptime. We’re working hard to make sure our tools stay up to date and are enhanced with each update to ensure our customers can perform diagnostics and maintenance to their trucks at all times.

Updating your DPA XL can improve your user experience, and is safe and secure due to our CyberGuard protection. We strongly recommend you keep your DG Technologies software and tools up to date. By bookmarking the ‘downloads’ page, you can always have the newest features and enhancements available to you at the click of a button.

We have put together a video giving users a first hand look of how to install DG Technologies updates with our Driver and Software Updater and our DPA XL Firmware Updater. With our CyberTech brand and built-in Cyberguard protection, you can be sure our updates will cause no problems and are safe and secure from any malicious files getting to your computer or corrupting your DPA XL.

Here is a link to our tutorial, enjoy:

New VSI NxGen Update! Version 3.06 is Available Now!


DG Technologies, #1 in Secure Reprogramming, has just released the latest VSI NxGen software update to the DG Technologies downloads page.

This new version offers customers significant improvements in performance and security. It offers speed, compatibility and cybersecurity like no other product on the market today.

New VSI NxGen Features:

  • Cyberguard Firmware Features Enhanced
  • Various Cybersecurity updates
  • Fixed intermittent errors reading DTC’s from ISO 14230
  • USB driver updated to handle large fast asynchronous data transmissions
  • Resolved communication errors with 2022-2023 Stellantis vehicles

DG Technologies recommends users keep their tools up to date with the latest software version. To download, go to and select ‘VSI Products’. You should bookmark and save this page in your favorites to ensure you always have the latest software updates. Make sure you download the new software to your laptop and follow up with the firmware update of your VSI NxGen hardware.

Watch our News page, follow DG Technologies on all social media platforms and be sure to leave us a review of your experience with the VSI NxGen here.








New DPA XL Version 3.06, Available Now from DG Technologies!


DG Technologies, #1 in Secure Diagnostics, has just released the latest DPA XL software update on the DG Technologies downloads page.

This new version offers customers a huge update. It offers speed, compatibility and cybersecurity like no other product on the market today to Protect Your Uptime!

New DPA XL Features:

– Updated RP1210 DLL
– RP1210 Loopback filters enhanced
– CyberGuard firmware features updated
– Secure Bootloader updated
– CyberGuard enhanced firmware updater application
– Updated Autobaud features
– Updated support for D-PDU and ISO 15765
– CAN FD data phase rate enhanced
– Various cybersecurity updates

DG Technologies recommends users keep their tools up to date with the latest software version. To download, go to and select ‘DPA Products’. Bookmark and save this page. Make sure you download the new software to your laptop and follow up with the firmware update of your DPA XL hardware.

Watch our News page, follow DG Technologies on all social media platforms and be sure to leave us a review of your experience with the DPA XL here.


Mark Zachos in SAE March Digital Issue!

DG President and Owner Mark Zachos pictured on page 17 of the SAE March digital issue!

Mark, pictured in the center of the top photo and in the background of the first photo on the right hand side, gathered with 29 other SAE section members for the 2022 SAE Section Officers Leadership Seminar in Pennsylvania. Mark continues to provide leadership and expertise to SAE from DG Technologies, participating in several SAE meetings throughout each year and further enhancing Cybersecurity initiative.

Check it out below!


DG Technologies to Exhibit At TMC’s Annual Meeting & Transportation Technology Exhibition

DG Technologies to Exhibit At TMC’s Annual Meeting & Transportation Technology Exhibition

Where: Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida
When: February 27th– March 2nd


DG Technologies will be exhibiting at #TMCAnnual23 this year, Booth #2058 in Orlando! Stop by the booth to learn more about our all-new innovative hardware, engaging software, and how we Protect Your Uptime! Come talk to us about our CyberTech brand and why cybersecurity is critical in the trucking industry today. Demonstrations, videos, products and literature.



DG Technologies continues to release high-quality, premium diagnostic products and this year we bring you the new DPA XL release! Advancing the well-known Dearborn Protocol Adapter brand, the DPA XL is the #1 in secure diagnostics. Now using Bluetooth, the DPA XL powers DG Technologies’ TRUCKCONNECT portal, featuring our new cloud-based software.



DG Technologies released the TRUCKCONNECT portal in 2022 featuring programs like DPA Health, which cuts down a 45-minute electrical health test into a simple 5-minute test uploaded to your personal cloud for your fleet management. It’s all about ease of use, and that continues to be the case with DG’s new mobile diagnostics app, DPA MD, which allows you to view and clear fault codes, read live data, and even send a report to your email from your Android device. We have updated DG Diagnostics, Adapter Validation Tool (AVT) software and now have all new DG Utilities. Talk to us about upcoming release of DPA TruckCrypt and our DTaaS program!



President and Owner Mark Zachos is a recognized expert in vehicle Cybersecurity and has pushed DG Technologies into protecting our clients using our CyberTech brand with CyberGuard. From consulting, to training, to implementing security features in our products, DG Technologies cares about each customer and giving them the peace of mind in knowing they are protected when using our products and services. Protect Your Uptime with DG Technologies, the DPA XL and CyberTech!,, and TRUCKCONNECT ( product or service names are registered trademarks or trademarks of Dearborn Group, Inc. Copyright © Dearborn


DG Technologies Releases DPA XL Version 3.04, Now Available to Download!

DG Technologies Releases DPA XL Version 3.04

DG Technologies brings you a new software and firmware update to enhance your capabilities with our latest commercial medium and heavy-duty diagnostic and reprogramming adapter. The DPA XL, #1 in Secure Diagnostics.

Download version 3.04 at our downloads page.


  • Improved 4K display resolution for DG Diagnostics (DGD) software
  • Improved 4K display resolution for Adapter Validation Tool (AVT) software
  • J1939-22 CAN FD data link layer updates for improved functionality with OEM CAN FD message rate
  • Improved measurement for Bus Statistics DGD functionality
  • Firmware update achieving the fastest reprogramming times in the industry
  • Communication stability with Cummins PowerSpec software
  • The only fully functional and tested tool for Synercon Technologies commercial truck accident investigation equipment (FLA and SSS2)
  • Completely implemented RTOS firmware Upgrade increasing flash memory and speed
  • Bootloader enhanced to prevent common firmware updating errors
  • PACCAR ESA software OEM approved device
  • Navistar validation confirming all International Trucks software compatibility
  • Navistar IC Bus approved diagnostic adapter
  • Blue Bird Bus approved diagnostic adapter


Remember to check to find more ways we are driving innovation to Protect Your Uptime! Find out how DPA Health can enhance fleet maintenance efficiency and DPA MD for Android can put the DPA XL power in the palm of your hand.


DG Technologies <> SAE Supercharged Webcast

A candid conversation with 2022 SAE Detroit Section Chair, Mark Zachos and 2022 SAE International President, Sri Srinath as they talk about their term visions. The discussion will cover technology focus areas in standards committees and outputs to structural collaboration across sectors. Sri will talk about his commitment to mentoring and how important it is to get involved with SAE by sharing your knowledge with others.

Host: Mark Zachos, President, DG Technologies

Guest: Sri Srinath, 2022 President, SAE International


DG Technologies’ Demonstration & Training Event!

The DG Technologies Demonstration and Training Hospitality Suite at the Automotive Testing Expo in Novi, MI took place on October 26th, 2022. The event featured presentations, demos and food & drink as visitors and demonstrators shared expertise, training and knowledge among eachother.

Be sure to be on the lookout for next years’ event, as well as DG’s other training, demonstrations, and presentations throughout the year. Below are some photos from this years’ event:

Pictured here: DG President Mark Zachos with Mujeeb Ijaz of SAE during his Electric Vehicles: Past-Present-Future presentation.

DG Technologies appreciates all who participated and took part in this years’ Hospitality Suite and look forward to bringing our customers and partners more exciting information moving forward!