When it comes time to buy a great tool, that is going to help your business, there are a couple things to look for during your purchase. While it may be nice to come across a great deal you have to make sure you are getting what your paying for. To make the right investment it is important to make sure you are buying a quality product. DG has provided some helpful tools to help you spot counterfeiters and ensure your new tool is top notch and from a trusted seller. Its important to research what your buying; when in doubt it may be helpful to call the manufacture and verify that the product is not only the right one for you but that you are safely buying a quality tool

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Watch this video to learn how counterfeiters can affect you.

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Here is an example of a counterfeit DPA 5 Kit VS  a genuine DPA 5 Kit:

Counterfeit_ Kit*Counterfeit DPA 5 Kit

Standard-DPA5-Kit*Genuine DPA 5 Kit

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