DG Technologies at the 2023 On-Board Diagnostics Symposium

DG Technologies at the 2023 On-Board Diagnostics Symposium

DG Technologies was excited to take part last week in the Society of Automotive Engineers 2023 On-Board Diagnostics Symposium-Americas in Indianapolis and exchange ideas with other industry leaders on the latest emission rules and technologies in vehicle diagnostics.

Mark Zachos poses at the SAE on-board diagnostics Symposium in Indianapolis, IN.
Mark Zachos takes a selfie at the OBD Diagnostics Symposium


Billed by SAE as “the industry’s relied upon resource – providing access to technology, standards and regulatory information for automotive engineering geared at meeting CARB, EPA and European Commission ground vehicle emissions regulations,” the annual symposium brings together leaders in powertrain diagnostics from the light- and heavy-duty automotive industry and the commercial vehicle on- and off-road industry to discuss relevant and timely technical topics that directly influence ground vehicle emissions reduction efforts.

“It’s one of the premier SAE events that our business goes to,” said Mark Zachos, founder of the Dearborn Group and president of DG Technologies, who represented the company at the symposium. Personally, Zachos also works on OBD technology in the SAE committees he sits on. “The opportunity to learn from the industry’s experts face-to-face and in person is second to none.”

This year’s symposium addressed updates on current and proposed rulemaking from regulatory entities from around the world, strategies being employed to ensure powertrains meet current and upcoming global regulations in North America, Europe and China, the most up-to-date global standards development initiatives, the latest on diagnostic challenges and solutions relating to zero-emission vehicles, upcoming industry trends, information on OBD systems development and SAE standards associated with light-and heavy-duty emissions controls.

SAE Presentation in Indianapolis at the On-Board Diagnostics Symposium-Americas
The SAE OBD Symposium took place in Indianapolis from September 12th-14th


A particular challenge generating discussion this year, Zachos said, was how the industry should be working to transfer the State of California’s new OBD emissions regulations for gas-powered engines to electric vehicles, for which there currently is no universal mandate.

“SAE has been a great experience,” said Mark Laleman, DG Technologies’ OBD regulations and diagnostics standards technical expert. “Our work on the diagnostic committees is rewarding and also provides us the opportunity to help structure the future of diagnostic communication.” Although not in attendance with Zachos this year, Laleman has long been involved with organizing the event and for the last two decades has also served on the SAE diagnostic committees.

Laleman said participating in the OBD symposium is beneficial to the company for many reasons, including networking with fellow industry experts to exchange ideas about the latest regulations and making contacts with OEMs and suppliers who use DG’s products or may be interested in trying them. It also gives the company the opportunity to interact with government regulators and provide DG Technologies’ experience on diagnostic communication capabilities.

For Zachos’s part, he serves as chairman of several technical standards teams including the American Trucking Association TMC Fleet Maintenance Cybersecurity Task Force, the SAE J1939 Network Security Task Force, the SAE J3005 (OBD dongle security) and the SAE Data Link Connector Security Committee. He also sits on the Oakland County Connected Vehicle Task Force on secure connected vehicle deployment, has authored numerous technical papers on on-board diagnostics and in-vehicle networking and holds patents on vehicle communications technology.

“Mark has a passion for volunteering and participating and that shapes the culture of DG,” said John McNelis, DG Technologies sales and marketing manager. He noted that the committee and task force positions that Zachos, Laleman and others in the company hold with SAE and other industry organizations are voluntary. “It’s something our company feels strongly about.”



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