DG Technologies reminds you to avoid counterfeits

DG Technologies reminds you to avoid counterfeits. Trust only authorized distributors (https://www.dgtech.com/distributors/), or purchase directly from our webstore at www.dgtech.com/shop.
Here are a few signs you may be looking at a counterfeit listing:
– Our current tool is the DPA XL, we no longer produce any older generation.
– Slightly different color shades; a different shade of blue, an off colored outline on the front label, or slightly altered fonts.
– 60% or more off of the listed DG price, usually in the $180-$395 range.
– Listed on an unfamiliar or odd URL or seller account.
– Product photo shows dozens of cables that are ‘included’.
– Typically listed in paid-for advertisements at the very top of Google searches.
There are many risks to purchasing a counterfeit product, including loading software that contains malware and other viruses, not to mention the tool will not work properly, if at all. We urge you to give us a call at (248) 888-2000 if you are unsure, and again remind you to purchase from one of our listed distributors or directly at our webstore. Don’t waste your money, avoid counterfeits.

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