DPA Health User Overview

DPA Health User Overview

DPA Health is the all-new DG Technologies cloud-based Fleet Management software for truck electrical systems, including Batteries, Starters and alternators!

DPA Health benefits the user with:

– Reduced Predictive Maintenance time (3-4 minutes vs. 45 minutes for RP129)
– Providing off-board diagnostics and prognostics of the primary electrical system (Battery, Starter, Alternator, and Cable) through the vehicle diagnostic connector
– Report Generation through the Truck-Connect.com portal
– Data files automatically transferred to Cloud Dashboard
– Data Storage large enough for the largest vehicle fleets
– State of Health analysis of Charging Circuit, Battery Pack, and Starting Circuit

In this video, John gives a tutorial on how you can get started with the www.truck-connect.com portal and DPA Health, as well as introduces you to the DPA Mobile Diagnostics Android app. From there, he explains how to start the process with your new DPA XL diagnostic device and cut your usual 45 minute predictive maintenance time into just a 3-4 minute test!

DPA Health is a PC software application that runs on a laptop, plugs into the truck through a DG Technologies DPA XL. The software securely extracts data from the vehicle network, sends that encrypted data to the cloud through your wireless connection from the PC and in less than 5 minutes you can see the results for state of health of your vehicles electrical system components. Fleet managers and owners can then log into the www.truck-connect.com portal and get an overall view of their entire vehicle fleet.


The DPA XL is the key ingredient to all things TruckConnect. Whether you’re using our DPA Health application, connecting to our Android Mobile App, or using Synercon Technologies’ TruckCrypt software, the DPA XL Heavy Duty diagnostic scan tool will Protect Your Uptime when using TruckConnect.

The DPA XL is DG Technologies’ newest, TMC RP1210 compliant Dearborn Protocol Adapter (DPA) with current and future technologies built-in for years of shop services. It is the leading tool of choice for Diagnostics and Reprogramming of Heavy-Duty, Medium-Duty and some Light-Duty vehicles and covers over-the-road, bus, construction, agricultural, military, industrial stationary equipment and fleet vehicle segments.

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