VSI NxGen: How To Purchase & Essential Resources

VSI NxGen Tutorial: How To Purchase

The VSI NxGen is DG Technologies’ all-new automotive J2534 diagnostic tool for all makes and models. Featuring CAN FD, the VSI NxGen is the ultimate diagnostic tool for automotive technicians and mechanics, all secured through CyberGuard, DG Technologies’ cybersecurity protection through CyberTech.

The VSI NxGen is available for purchase and in-stock today. If you’re looking to get started with our tools, all you need to do is head over the DG Technologies website, at www.dgtech.com and you’ll find everything you need and more.


DG Technologies makes it easy to purchase your new tools. Our webstore is easy to find on the navigation bar on the top of our webpage, under shop. You can also access the shop through the product -> VSI NxGen page where you can add the tool straight to your cart. If you’re looking to get additional information before you make your purchase, you can head to the webstore at www.dgtech.com/shop/, navigate to the Automotive category, and select VSI NxGen.

You’ll notice a few things once you reach the VSI NxGen page. First, a couple of features on the right hand side, along with some high resolution photos, dimensions, price and more. The VSI NxGen is listed for $1,350.00. Once added to your cart, an option to view your cart will directly show. Once at your cart, you can proceed to checkout, where you have a few payment options (Credit card, Paypal, Venmo, Check) to make the process easier. Important to note: DG Technologies offers FREE ground shipping from our webstore should you select that option!


Once you have your VSI NxGen in hand, install the free DG Diagnostics software and other VSI firmware to your laptop. You’ll find the latest drivers at www.dgtech.com/downloads. The latest updates will always be included on this page, you’ll want to keep it bookmarked for the smoothest experience possible.

Your VSI NxGen will ship with the VSI adapter itself, along with an OBDII cable, a USB cable, and a Quickstart Guide, which will get you going in no time.

Additional Information

It is important to keep other certain pages bookmarked and in your back-pocket. The documents page, www.dgtech.com/documents, will be an important page for all users looking to access user manuals, quickstart guides, and more.

In addition, DG Technologies continues to provide high quality and informative YouTube video tutorials, comparisons, and more from their social media channels. DG will always post and share information about new updates, products and more from their social page.

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